PhotoGlobe Explorer
Professional Edition

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition of PhotoGlobe Explorer offers the following additonal Features, which are not contained in the Basic Edition:

  • unlimited database: the Professional Edition has no restrictions of any kind concerning the number of database entries. The only limit is the size of your harddisk.
  • Creation of Web pages: the user can create Web pages based on freely configurable templates, showing photos, maps, or other stuff. A good example of this functionality are the photo albums published in PhotoGlobe.
  • Web edit function for your photo albums: The Web edit function enables the users of your Web site to edit texts associated with your photos on the Web (this feature requires that you have access to a Web server which supports PHP4)
  • unlimited access to satellite maps: you may load any number of satellite maps to your database.
  • unlimited access to the PhotoGlobe Map Repository: the PhotoGlobe Map Repository is comprised of more than 100 geographic maps of the world, which can be loaded into your photo databases.
If you decide to purchase the Professional Edition in the Epina Online Shop, a license code will be sent to you which extends the free Basic Edition of PhotoGlobe Explorer by the features listed above.