PhotoGlobe Explorer
Professional Edition


The following list shows you the most important features of PhotoGlobe Explorer:


  • easy to use photo database
  • the creation of a database is dead easy - you simply specify the name of the database and its path
  • each photo can be tagged by a title, keywords, a comment and the position where the photo has been taken
  • the photo index is both visual and keyword-based
  • built-in slide show
  • import/export interface using XML

Maps and GPS Positions

  • support of geographic maps
  • maps can be scanned and calibrated
  • automatic creation of maps based on satellite images
  • positions of photos can be assigned automatically from GPS data
  • configurable import filter for GPS data
  • link to Google Maps
  • free repository of maps offering over 100 maps worldwide


  • Creation of Web albums for publication of photos
  • multilingual user interface (currently, German and English are supported)
  • Switch between beginner and expert mode
  • automatic update using the PhotoGlobe Explorer server